November 2003 challenge

An unpublished level is reserved only for participants !

Click to download xsb file

Last day to participate : 2003/11/30

 What's the goal of the challenge?
The purpose of this competition is simply to solve the level of the month. Every participant can subject as many solutions as he wants.
Each solution is classified in the following five categories:
  • Minimum of moves,
  • Minimum of pushes,
  • Minimum of pushes of boxes in a straight line,
  • Minimum of changes of boxes,
  • Minimum of pushing sessions.
For every participant, the best result by category is registered.
There is a winner by category: the first one who have proposed a minimal solution.

 How to participate?
To participate it's very simple: download the xsb file of the level, solve it, then mail me your solution in an attached file (in lurd format) with your first and last name, the country you are from, and a comment that I'll publish if you will be a winner of the contest.
If you don't use my sokoban player, you can use the online solution analyzer or one of the tools given on this page to know the number of linear pushes, box changes and pushing sessions of your solution.

Have fun...